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Eco Light Gift Box Show Gallery 


About San Chiou Inc.

Founded in 1980, San Chiou is a leading professional paper packaging solution provider in Taiwan, providing our customers with satisfaction and the amazing and customized packaging experience. We have passed SGS 2008 and ISO9001 quality certification. Our state-of-the-art paper box has been patented in several developed countries, including France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, China, and over 30 countries in the world.

San Chiou Inc. produced customized high-quality paper packaging for customers, all packaging was automatically manufactured by world-leading utilities. We efficiently produce highly individual and high-quality paper packaging from automation companies imported by world-renowned packaging companies. We can perform ODM, OEM for paper packages with our strong design team. Environmental friendliness is one of our company's priorities, energy savings and space savings are the most important things we do now. Let the package become amazing and innovative in daily life.

How To Use

Four quick steps to fold the boxes. How simple is that?

Premium Gift Box

San Chiou innovative rigid box is a customizable luxurious cosmetic box. This box has a solid and stable structure like any traditional rigid box but we make it foldable without any aids like glue or tapes. Because of this incredible foldability design, this box is awarded patents over 30 countries in the world.

*2023 new version without magnet is available.

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Solution For Efficient Packaging, Storage And Transport!

A rigid box can be asemeble quickly without tapes or wrapping. SAVE TIME for the production line and save on labor costs.

Reduce stock management or inventory cost.

Reduce transportation costs of ocean freight or truck to maximize economic benefits.


Don’t know what box to choose? We think you will love these!

Your product deserves a gift box

Over 1000+ companies trust San Chiou as their choice for custom packaging and packaging services. Whether you are looking for a custom packaging manufacturer or need a premium gift box for your product, we are here to help!

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Sustainable Solution

The foldability of San Chiou foldable paper box helps companies achieve competitive transport and shipping costs by reducing the 80% volume of cartons during transport and creating more space for storage and shipping. Less transport helps less carbon emission. The unique design of San Chiou foldable storage box has simplified the structural composition, saving more paper materials and reducing overall production costs. This invention of the box is economical and environmentally friendly.

Forest Road

Easy for Recycle

The San Chiou box was created in a spirit of recycle. Unlike most non foldable rigid box where you have to tear and use force to destroy the box, our box can be easily folded flat to be put in the recycle bin.

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Container Ship


All our box ship flat to save on freight and storage space.

Delivery of Boxes


Affordable price for volume buyer


Branding Customization

Delicate sales window for branding customer looking for customization

Depend on San Chiou to build your business — we won't let you down.

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