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Where can I find basic products about San Chiou?

Visit our Home for information on products.

Does San Chiou issue financial information or an annual report?

No. San Chiou is a privately held company and does not report financial details to the media or public.

How can I request product samples for business customer orders?

We provide sample service. The sample needs about 10 working days and the customer needs to provide the design file. The sampling fee has been included in the quotation. A small amount of samples can be provided at no additional charge. Please use Contact to fill up the information.

Does San Chiou build boxes on recycled paper?

Many San Chiou boxes are produced on paper with as much as 20% recycled fiber content. Learn more about Paper Sourcing at San Chiou.

What steps does San Chiou take to preserve the environment?

In the past, many rigid clipboard boxes can only be shipped by occupying a lot of freight and truck. Due to the increased environmental awareness, our founder constantly looks for ways to overcome these difficulties and works with the design team to develop and design these boxes that are both creative and beautiful while significantly reducing transport to achieve environmental protection.
San Chiou commits to implementing sustainable business practices, reducing overall environmental impact, and developing sustainable products as the top priority and reasonability for the company.

Do you offer discounts on higher volumes?

Yes, our discount structure is based on higher volumes purchased. With higher volumes, you can discuss with us the volume and price ratio for a business partnership deal.

How much does it cost to add my own logo?

This depends on several factors: how many boxes, how many colors, complexity of your design, how fast you need them. Check with our sales representative for an up-to-date quotation.

Can I visit to see your range and discuss ideas?

San Chiou office is located in Taipei, Taiwan with expansion to North America. At this stage we do not have offices or showrooms in the United States. If you need to discuss a business custom enquiry, we can connect with you by phone or email to talk through the details. Please direct your initial enquiry by email to our sales representative. Depending on the specifics of your enquiry, we will re-direct you accordingly.

Can I recycle your boxes?

Yes you can, although recycling restrictions vary from city to city. Modern recycling facilities remove the lamination layer and sticky corners before re-pulping the paperboard. Iron magnets are usually removed in the recycling process and in any case are bio-degradable.

The magnets don't seem to be working, what should I do?

We use strong magnets on our boxes so you should not experience any problems, but if they fail to produce a positive closure immediately, you may need to give them a little time. The magnetism will grow stronger over a few hours.
Our magnets can be adversely affected by extreme cold, so assemble the boxes and leave them to come up to room temperature, especially if they have transited during cold winter months. Bend the front flap back on itself carefully, as this often helps push the flap closer to the box front when the lid is closed. Close the box front flap and leave for up to 24 hours, the magnetism should increase and the closure flap should be fine. 

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